Passio for 12 voices

DUX | 2014

Passio et Mors Domini Nostri Iesu Christi Secundum Ioannem (2013)

for 12 voices


CD 1
  1. Exordio 2:23
  2. Primum Verbum 1:15
  3. Evangelium Iesus itaque sciens omnia 2:16
  4. Choral O große Lieb 2:12
  5. Evangelium Iterum ergo eos interrogavit: "Quem quaeritis?" 4:21
  6. Secundum Verbum 1:41
  7. Evangelium Pontifex ergo interrogavit Iesum 6:40
  8. Tertium Verbum 3:06
  9. Evangelium Introivit ergo iterum in praetorium Pilatus 4:25
  10. Psalmus De profundis 6:35
  11. Evangelium Dixit itaque ei Pilatus: "Ergo rex es tu?" 5:02
  12. Quartum Verbum 2:34
  13. Evangelium Tunc ergo apprehendit Pilatus Iesum 3:23
  14. Quintum Verbum 4:31
  15. Evangelium Clamaverunt ergo illi: "Tolle, tolle, crucifige eum!" 2:28
  16. Hymn Krzyżu święty / Crux fidelis 4:06


CD 2
  1. Evangelium Et baiulans sibi crucem exivit in eum 2:10
  2. Sextum Verbum 3:29
  3. Evangelium Stabant autem iuxta crucem Iesu mater eius 2:40
  4. Sequentia Stabat Mater 11:50
  5. Evangelium Post hoc sciens Iesus quia iam omnia consummata sunt 2:57
  6. Septimum Verbum 7:12
  7. …et desiderabunt mori… (2008) for 12 voices 5:40
  8. Miserere (2008) for 12 voices 9:20


Dariusz PrzybylskiDariusz Przybylski

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