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op. 104

opera-mystery after Juliusz Słowacki

op. 103

concerto for quarter-tone Hammond organ and symphony orchestra


op. 102

for trumpet solo and 13 instruments [solo: Trumpet 1111 - 1010 - Perc Pno - 2Vln Vla Vlc DB]

op. 101

for choir (24 voices)

op. 100

for mezzosoprano, accordion and cello


op. 99

nano-opera for children; for voices, toy piano, toy glockenspiel, metronome and guitar

op. 98

for cello

op. 97

for 2 speakers, vocal ensemble, 5 instruments and electronics

op. 96

for percussion

op. 95

for saxophones, boy soprano and symphony orchestra

for cembalo


op. 94

cantata for choir and instruments

op. 93

for percussion

op. 92

for symphony orchestra

op. 91

for percussion and orchestra

for violin and piano (ver.)

op. 71c

for alto saxophone and string quartet (ver.)


op. 89

for flute

for trumpet and piano

op. 88

for six voices

op. 87

for violin

op. 86

for violin and orchestra

op. 85

opera for soloists, vocal ensemble, choir and symphony orchestra


op. 84

for accordion and piano

op. 83

for accordion, piano and symphony orchestra

op. 82

for cello solo


op. 81

chamber opera for soloists, children choir and instrumental ensemble

op. 80

for piano and crotals ad libitum

op. 79

chamber opera for soloists, children choir and chamber orchestra

op. 78

for 15 players

op. 77

for cello

op. 76

for 12 voices

op. 76

for 12 voices

op. 71

for bass clarinet, bassoon and string quartet

op. 71b

for string quartet (ver.)


op. 74

to words by Stéphane Mallarmé for vocal ensemble

cantata for soprano, boys choir, DJ, 3 saxophones and string orchestra

op. 73

22 string instruments

op. 73b

for glasharmonika, verophon and 22 string instruments (ver.)

op. 73c

for 8 string instruments (ver.)

op. 72

for accordion

op. 66

chamber opera for 2 actors, 5 singers and 14 instrumentalists

for string quartet


op. 70

9 songs to words by Hermann Broch for baritone (or mezzosoprano) and piano

op. 69

for soprano / baritone saxophone and accordion

op. 55

chamber opera for 5 singers and 6 instrumentalists


op. 65

for cello and piano

op. 64

for symphony orchestra and 20 young musicians ad libitum

op. 63

for clarinet, electric guitar, cello and accordion

op. 62

for 10 pianos and orchestra

op. 61

for baritone and percussion

op. 60

for alto saxophone, percussion and piano

op. 59

for tuba, piccolo / flute, clarinet, percussion and piano

op. 59b

for baritone saxophone, piccolo / flute, clarinet, percussion and piano (ver. 2012)

op. 59c

for Hammond organ, violin, clarinet, percussion and piano (ver. 2014)

op. 58

for 2 flutes

op. 58b

for 2 saxophones (ver. 2011)

op. 56

for cembalo

op. 54

chamber opera for 5 singers and 5 instrumentalists

op. 28 / 22

for flute, oboe, violin, cello and piano


op. 53

for soprano saxophone and organ

op. 52

for bass flute, bass clarinet, viola and cello [piece withdrawn by composer]

op. 51

for piano

op. 50

for 12 saxophones

op. 49

for cello and accordion

op. 48

for organ

op. 47

for violin and string orchestra

op. 46

for symphony orchestra


op. 45

for organ (2 performers) and chamber orchestra

op. 45b

for young musicians, for organ (2 performers) and orchestra

op. 44

for mezzosoprano and organ

op. 43

for violin, clarinet, percussion and piano

op. 43b

for flute, clarinet, percussion and piano (ver. 2010)

op. 42

for tape

op. 41

for 12 voices or choir

op. 41b

for 6 voices or choir

op. 40

for symphony orchestra

op. 39

for 12 voices or choir


op. 38

for organ

op. 37

for piano trio

op. 37b

for alto saxophone, cello and piano (ver.)

op. 36

for percussion and electronic sounds

op. 35

for 2 percussions

op. 34

concerto for flute, percussion, electronic sounds and string orchestra

op. 33

Cello Solo Sonata No. 1

op. 33b

for viola

op. 32

percussions and 4 trombones


op. 28

for clarinet and string quartet

op. 26

for ensemble [piece withdrawn by composer]

op. 25

for organ

op. 24

for cembalo [piece withdrawn by composer]


op. 21

for alto saxophone

op. 20

poem for piano


op. 18

for saxophones

op. 16

for piano [piece withdrawn by composer]

op. 14

for soprano and piano

op. 13

for baritone and organ

op. 12

for baritone, oboe, cello and vibraphone [piece withdrawn by composer]

op. 11b

for percussion and organ

op. 11c

for percussion and organ (ver. 2006)


op. 10

for choir (8 voices)

op. 8

for choir (8 voices)

op. 8b

for 6 voices or choir (ver. 2014)

op. 7

for organ

op. 5

for flute and piano [piece withdrawn by composer]

op. 6

for choir


op. 3

for string quartet [piece withdrawn by composer]

op. 2

for soprano and female choir


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