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Chansons d'Apollon

for mezzosoprano, accordion and cello

op. 100 | 2018

Explosion / Description

for 2 speakers, vocal ensemble, 5 instruments and electronics

op. 97 | 2017

Fontana di amore per nessuno. Omaggio a Pasolini

for saxophones, boy soprano and symphony orchestra

op. 95 | 2017

Tyger Tyger

cantata for choir and instruments

op. 94 | 2016

Sonnet XXII

for six voices

op. 88 | 2015

De profundis from Passio

for 12 voices

op. 76 | 2013

Stabat Mater from Passio

for 12 voices

op. 76 | 2013

Brise marine

to words by Stéphane Mallarmé for vocal ensemble

op. 74 | 2012


cantata for soprano, boys choir, DJ, 3 saxophones and string orchestra


Broch Lieder

9 songs to words by Hermann Broch for baritone (or mezzosoprano) and piano

op. 70 | 2011


for baritone and percussion

op. 61 | 2010

Dum medium silentium

for mezzosoprano and organ

op. 44 | 2008


for 12 voices or choir

op. 41 | 2008


for 6 voices or choir

op. 41b | 2008 desiderabunt mori...

for 12 voices or choir

op. 39 | 2008

6 Songs to Words by Halina Poświatowska

for soprano and piano

op. 14 | 2004

Introitus, Hymnus et Alleluia

for baritone and organ

op. 13 | 2004

Salve Regina

for choir (8 voices)

op. 10 | 2003

Ave maris stella

for choir (8 voices)

op. 8 | 2003

Ave maris stella

for 6 voices or choir (ver. 2014)

op. 8b | 2003

Laudate pueri

for choir

op. 6 | 2003

Nisi Dominus

for soprano and female choir

op. 2 | 2002


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